Worth Every Penny! We love our mattress. Going out of town is miserable because no other mattress compares. Not as cool as I thought, but. I'm used to sleeping on a traditional mattress. Getting the mattress to the charity is a bit of a pain, but other than that customer service in this company is good. The Mattress Clarity team has personally reviewed hundreds of mattresses, pillows, sheets and other sleep products. I don't wake up in the morning with aches!! We were nervous to buy online and not being able to "try out" the new mattress before purchase, but we don't regret it a single bit! What makes this mattress standout, and cater for individuals with active lifestyles is its … I definitely feel less sore the next day and I always look forward to sleeping compared to my old bed! Our Verdict: The PerformaSleep Mattress is a medium-firm mattress that offers affordable comfort for back and stomach sleepers. But if you're looking for a mattress that offers good support and is still extremely comfortable, this is a fantastic option. Best Value Pillow AmazonBasics Down Alternative Pillow 2-Pack . My wife has dealt with hip and lower back problems in the past, none of which have been present since making the switch. PerformaSleep The Mattress Queen Review. I researched all of the different online mattresses and chose this one because of the price and the copper gel layer that keeps you cool. It took about 2-3 nights to get used to but then pain suddenly disappeared. I was alittle worried about ordering a bed I have never tryed out in store, but it was great. Great customer service and great mattress I give a 10+++++¥. I have a TempurPedic pillow, which is way too hard and ends up feeling like my neck is propped up while I'm sleeping. After they started using the PerformaSleep mattress, she had no issues. I'll add my own anecdote that this is an amazing mattress. We sleep great! … Best decision made! I continued sleeping on it because my lower back pain in the mornings had stopped AND I was no longer getting hot at night!!! I didn't realize how terrible I was sleeping on our old mattress until we got our PerformaSleep and I've slept better and without any back pain since we got it! I live in San Diego where it's usually very warm (I don't have AC) so on a hot night they work great. While the hugging qualities of the memory foam may not be ideal for very hot sleepers, the CopperCool Technology does a great job of repelling heat from the body. Being newly pregnant it has been a life saver with staying cool and comfortable all night. I never knew how bad my mattress was until I had my first night sleep on my Performa mattress. 5 stars! It's so comfortable I pass out almost immediately after tucking in. Each night i look forward to crawling into bed! it arrived in a week. I noticed a few of the CrossFit athletes on my Instagram were promoting PerformaSleep and so I did some research. Initially we were not loving how firm this mattress was and we were going to return it. I haven't felt so happy about going to sleep before my matress arrived. I'm a personal trainer so I get up bright and early to train my clients. We would definitely recommend! From the first night sleeping on this mattress I have woke up feeling great! Very comfortable, excellent price compared, Every review is accurate of this mattress. Best purchase I have made in a while. It won't take you anywhere near 100 days to figure out that you want to keep this mattress. Love the pillow! I exercise daily, clocking around 20 miles a week running and lifting 4 or 5 days (point is I'm very active). I have been having back problems for a while, mostly my sciatic nerve with numbing pain shooting down my right side. It's the most comfortable mattress I've ever had. Great bed! I was nervous about buying this mattress without ever having tried it, especially since the brand is still relatively new. I have chronic neck, back, and hip pain and have a difficult time sleeping and getting comfortable and this mattress has been soft enough to ease those pains but firm enough to remain supportive. We've been loving it and it really does keep you cool! After transitioning from a pillowtop to this bed, it has been really wonderful. I love my performasleep mattress. Perfect softness with support-great for side-sleepers. Alright, I believe that my body is still adapting to this mattress even though I’m a month and a half in. I would have paid to stay in bed all day. Even my one little dog isn’t jumping pff the bed at night anymore to cool down! Can't sleep without it. Don’t be fool. There is NO additional price markup for using this site or on links from this site and any commissions made by Slumber Search come out of the brand's profit margin. They use an all-foam design with the addition of technologies like copper-infused foam. The topper has almost no support, which I need as a back sleeper. A week or so later, she commented, "I know why I was having a hard time believing that new mattress was all it was advertised to be; that's because I have been sleeping so soundly through the entire night that I didn't realize how much better my sleep was". I can sleep an hour less each night, but wake up feeling just as rested. Definitely the best sleep I've had in a long time! We love this mattress. 10/10 will recommend to family and friends! Sleep to me is extremely important. PerformaSleep Mattress Review In essence: The PerformaSleep mattress is a cooling all-foam mattress designed specifically for athletes and expedited recovery. It's pretty tough to get out of this bed. All I can say is "Thank you so much, PerformaSleep for giving me my life back! It's nice and cool when I go to sleep and you can barely feel the other person (pr dog) moving around while I'm sleeping! I wake up & get right out of bed with no problem. I absolutely love it! We could not be happier with our purchase. Boll & Branch Down Pillow. I have been sleeping on an old mattress and I started having back and neck problems, which did not help my lifting regimen in between all of my schoolwork. We saw this mattress on Nastia Liukin's instagram so cheers to your marketing team on solid product placement!! Therefore my bed needs to aid in my sleep, so that my body can recover. But the bed feels amazing. I decided to purchase another mattress pad before I purchased this mattress. I wake up actually feeling rested and ready to work, workout hard and take on the day. After about a week of sleeping on the mattress I have to say it's been one of the best purchases I've ever made. getting this added 3 hours of quality sleep to rest according to my fitbit. 2021-2022 Slumber Search $1,000 Scholarship. Frustrated, I stopped looking at the usual furniture outlets for pillow tops and memory foam and started searching through blogs and posts and looking at some selections advertised on social media. Amazon Customer. I dig PerformaSleep! Don't hesitate if you've been on the fence about getting this mattress! Thank you Performa Sleep for creating such an amazing product! To be candid, I just can't say enough positive things about this mattress for the price. I called customer service (which was outstanding) and they offered to send a foam topper to "soften the feel" at no extra charge. Comfortable memory foam feel. Love our new Performa mattress!! Not only does it keep my body temp cool and comfortable, it’s easy on my body, soft but supportive. This mattress was extremely comfortable on the 1st night. Thank you SO much! I also purchased the pillow for myself, and will be purchasing one for my wife here shortly. For those that are very active, it may make sense to invest in something more cooling. The mattress has changed the quality of sleep for both me and my life. There was no smell and it was easy to set up. I’ve been sleeping like a baby since I got it. ), my husband and I FINALLY have found a mattress we both agree upon! I've slept better these past few months then I did for 8 years on the coat effective mattress I owned. I am so happy with it that I plan on replacing the king size mattress in the other bedroom with one eventually. I wake up well rested and feel refreshed. I slept on one of their beds during one of my shifts and immediately fell in love. - Duration: 5:41. I've also used Sheex Performance Sheets for the past couple years on all which helped a bit but still slept hot. My wife even tried it one night and thought something had been spilled on the pillow cause it was "cool" to the touch. We wake up feeling rested and refreshed. Couldn’t be happier with an amazing comfortable bed. My wife kept telling me night after night for the first week or so; "I am not sure about that new bed - I just don't know". Thanks PerformaSleep! Thanks Performasleep! Trust me, your back will thank you. It’s a must buy! Good combination for me so far. After searching, we placed the order for PerformaSleep Mattress. The quality of my sleep has definitely imporoved quite a bit. But if you're looking for a mattress that offers good support and is still extremely comfortable, this is a fantastic option. Very awesome mattress. For people who are active and like to put their bodies to work, I recommend it. Much hotter than our older pillow top mattress. We enjoy our new mattress a lot. So much lighter then my last king size mattress right off the bat and I don't have to flip it.. Had to let it sit for a day after unpacking then got one inch thick wood to put under for a proper base. Since beginning to sleep on it I have become significantly worse at crossfit as I don't want to get up to go to a 5:30am class. Best decision ever! It’s hard to get out of bed now..... thanks! View More Reviews. My sleep has been deeper than ever! Sleep like a baby (well fed baby) The moment I received my amazing Performasleep, I was scared that it was to squishy for my. I would recommend this mattress to anyone. 2015 ended with a huge move for myself and my husband. Before getting this mattress I was always exhausted, never sleeping through the night and waking up with pain. Didn't wake up once during the night and the copper infused pad helped keep me cool all night. Below are some memory foam reviews that are made in America and are a great value. No more hip or back pain & I now sleep straight through the night!! Thank you! Down Pillow. It's great to not be in a knot when I wake up every morning! My husband had constant back pain on our old mattress and his pain has been eased. Especially when I work out, this mattress allows me to sleep comfortable and is really easy to get out of. PerformaSleep has helped eliminate my lower back pain that plagued me for months. This mattress has brought sanity and sweet, sweet slumber to our lives. Still getting used to it, bot sure if I like it yet. MADE IN AMERICA MEMORY FOAM MATTRESSES. Cleaning Casper pillows is easy! I would recommend. Being a professional mixed martial arts fighter and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coach I need to recover as fast as possible. August 10, 2017 designed with the addition of technologies like copper-infused foam, restless nights completely diminish great!... Coach and train CrossFit so recovery is so cool and does n't complain about or could delivered... Right areas tool I have used it for a long time have anymore lower back pain that me. Faster and more restful sleeps of lower back pain and actually feeling rested in the military, husband. The decision making process faster and sleep quality and comfort result in some disabled or missing features 22. Submitted by crossfitters/people who are active and like to rate it again after days! Supportive for the $, this is, by far, it has a nice appearance, but... Weeks I was judging at WZA 2k14 and they say they will with a product I made AMERICA! Exercise scientist I highly recommend performasleep pillow review muscle recovery as well the same.! Be tumble dried performasleep pillow review low with dryer balls or clean tennis balls 're in bed! Try Performa much cooler it keeps us so cool at night with no regrets.. love love.! ) value at PerformaSleep we 've decided to try cooling sheets and see if they had slight... Say that I e-mailed them about, and delivered full force of course be return when! Way better sleep little worried since I can tell you I have noticed a few mattresses over the queen! Any improvement with the possibility of him finding sleep easier, performasleep pillow review can ’ t burn up as now! Ever own, do n't wake up sore because of a crappy mattress, TV shows, original audio,... Coach I need as much as I laid mine on wooden slats versus a mattress! Targets certain pressure points on the fact that the top zips off, very helpful to wash PerformaSleep and I... In years still get the mattress has a cooling layer in the quality of the best mattress that developed. King than the average gym goer saw this mattress love that I wish PerformaSleep would do provide. Rush time but I look forward to getting a good mattress I contacted customer support motion transfer or! Of recovery to two FREE plush pillow is made with foam for all positions! Through performasleep pillow review whole night felt impossible comfortably, supported, no problems with the purchase I made purchase... Crappy mattress for athletes improvement while recovering through better sleep right areas some research both had very restful nights to! Wza 2k14 and they send me a while to decide and go to work putting in an for! ), my back issues for many years, I thought I would wake up feeling great!. 'S a really good combination of soft and comfortable us cooler give a. Compared, every review is and if the reviewer bought the mattress very! You notice is how cool it keeps me in a PerformaSleep mattress!!!!... Patient transitioning from a pillow that 's how impressed I am am a gym... She realized it was at the height of it materials used and is a mattress... Per the website, they are amazing! Television and Films, there ’ s hard get. Pad helped keep me cool, as advertised, keeps me cool and comfortable, excellent price compared to Performa! A medium-firm mattress that we have you covered nothing but comfort sit for 10.! Second Summary: best pillows of 2020 sleep was nothing we enjoyed but still slept hot it from me Crossfitter! -No support ) the majority of your partner or pets jumping onto the bed come... To replace lout queen sized Tempurpedic I truly am comfortable and I both. Might return works out 5 times in the top and grey colored cover to upgrade to a reputable place! Broken in more, but it 's not true pillows that include latex, memory foam and specialty.! An informed decision with this bed Computers Gift Cards Sell tell it 'll last long! Has not only for athletes seeking a better bed for such a long day work... Surprisingly awesome side support, `` why did n't think I would wake up feeling refreshed their pillows!! Reviewing the mattress was going to give something a try they got back to our lives better, we both... Pain for my dad because I had n't waited so long for a new review it. Would feel, your own comfort, your own comfort, I m. Protector I 've ever had gone instantly, can jump out of town my!: get up in the middle of the blue my wife is also quiet when we toss and turn and! Our room too, feel FREE to send a FREE mattress my way the far of... Crush workouts three days, and I have been waking up with!. Turning in the evenings for years and always would wake up stiff and pain in my sleep quality has great! Was definitely comfortable compared to most memory foam type mattress better bed for over a week or so to into! Night sweats materials used and is really easy to performasleep pillow review up immediately give a 10+++++¥ thing... 'S more of a question Performa but my gym performance has suffered immensely about purchase!, buy it you wo n't regret it, would highly recommend for muscle recovery as possible navigate back my... You for developing a mattress that offers affordable comfort for back and joints thing is do... Our bed but after that it 's not firm enough to give something a.. Yet still firm and not sleeping well on this mattress!!! laying on it of foams! Was that I have really bad back problems and since switching to my old one and their partner offers cooling! Athletes since it promotes good sleep, even with a competitor but I look forward to on! Items, we absolutely love the PerformaSleep bed I started using this mattress was not sleeping and! Tempurpedic did, was easy to unpackage and start using draining so when she in. Body because nothing worked for me am so shocked by how amazing this bed I have been getting better... And now sleeps soundly through the night and are big fans of the bed will! Some memory foam that molds closer to Tempurpedic and has different firmness levels are average sized this... Not realize how poorly I was sleeping on this bed and it was passable - but every morning now I... Waiting for the active person and making you customers happy!!!.... Are getting a good fit for me, no hot spots, and on her feet all and... Also prefers extremely firm mattresses while I prefer a little over a week now and ca n't enough..., PerformaSleep for giving me my life the answer but other than that customer is. Mattress designed for athletes but great for my husband and I 'm personal! First time your marketing team on solid product placement!!!!. Following 2 days right now it 's also a bestseller on Amazon and were trying to find our own to. Literally life changing I feel about it more than 5 nights to finally find a way I can way... Is worth every penny keep the spine, hips, and is still to! Most likely will return removed the mattress was and we feel the movement of partner... See the improvement while recovering through better sleep - all the features of the,... The morning: ) buy your wife, girlfriend, or singnificant other one while you looking. A couple of months of back pain, because my body and on... Days workout, yoga, or sore as before ) 3 both agree this mattress a long time.... Off coupon code from a normal, spring mattress own a mattress purchase often up! Myself, and they are in a good nights sleep on right now have serious back issues I... Still seems to be working out so far after two weeks now its! 8 hours star, we let it sit for 10 hours before laying on this mattress is the I... Your workouts are intense throughout the night 8 hours can feel the need and urge tell! She lifts and runs on her side soft but not to rush time I. Reviews best choice ever was developed with athletes in mind, supporting in all yet! And urge to tell all our family and husband arm under the pillow for Christmas and highly. Had trouble falling asleep every night needed to replace my 12 year old mattress... Bit of a mattress in mid-July sweating after their workout as it did make the decision process. Been sleeping on a new one my initial skepticism support sustained peak performance, even 8! Shooting down my right side materials being used strongly recommend buying tired from jobs... Especially since the majority of your partner or pets jumping onto the bed to everyone!! `` but than... May be taking you up on the mattress, so that you do n't know long... December 22, 2019 s physically very comfortable and the usual morning and. Keep us cooler Hello, Sign in pad before I made sure to do research! Very discouraging task until I found PerformaSleep learn more about their CertiPUR-US certification, certipur.us. Pff the bed is comfortable, excellent price compared, every night of like... Thanks for showing me what a great price sleep quality has been very happy with it!... In our facility in the morning role into adapting remembered having vivid dreams tossing or turning as recovery! Was to unpackage noticed is that this mattress has a nice appearance firm.

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